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Monthly Archives: February 2021

February 24, 2021

COVID-19 Voice Test Achieves More than 80% Accuracy!

It’s wild. Just by talking to a smartphone or computer – counting up from 50 to 70 – you can be diagnosed with reasonable certainty as to whether you have Covid! Wild!

Here’s the excerpt from this voicebot.ai article:

The voice test for COVID-19 developed by Vocalis Health will accurately determine infection 81.2% of the time, according to the results of a major clinical study conducted by the Israeli startup in India last year. The test, named VocalisCheck, is being pitched as a way to augment the existing tests, saving the more traditional chemical tests for those who are at higher risk of infection.

The Vocalis diagnostic test, which runs on a smartphone or computer, asks the user to count from 50 to 70. The audio is translated into a visual representation of their voice, a spectrogram, made up of 512 features vocal biomarkers. Vocalis applies artificial intelligence to compare the spectrogram to a composite image from the voice of many people proven to have COVID-19. Vocalis has been gathering public voice samples since April and started coordinating with the Israeli Ministry of Defense to get spectrograms of those who definitely had been infected.

February 8, 2021

Amazon Alexa Points You to Covid Test Locations

Here’s the intro from this CNBC piece:

Amazon recently added a new feature to its Alexa voice assistant that lets you find the nearest place to get a Covid-19 test. It works on phones and through the Amazon Echo smart speaker. I think it’s best on a phone or on an Echo with a screen since it shows you a list of the nearby locations and how far each place is.