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April 1, 2019

Accessing Alexa Wherever You Go

As this Wired article – entitled “Everything is an Alexa Device Now” – notes, you can bring your Amazon device with you whereever you go (or you can have one sitting there for you when you get there). Here’s an excerpt:

Amazon introduced nearly a dozen new Alexa-powered products to the world. Some, like this year’s Echo Dot, were standard upgrades to familiar products. But in the bulk of the newcomers you could see the full payoff of Amazon’s longstanding strategy to put Alexa in more than just speakers. It’s now in nearly everything. Which is exactly where it needs to be if it wants to stay ahead of Google.

Products like the Echo Wall Clock and AmazonBasics Microwave—both of which connect to Echo speakers over Bluetooth — elicited jokes, mostly Kellyanne Conway-related. But they also seem specifically intended as statement pieces, proof that Amazon can squeeze Alexa into the most unexpected of places. “The team started with the most popular appliance that’s out there today. It’s also one of the hardest devices to integrate with,” Amazon wrote in a liveblog of its own event, which apparently is a thing now. If Amazon can make this work, imagine what else it has cooking.

Some of these new items are bound to be more popular than others, but the notion that the devices can be anywhere you go is what I think what Amazon wants to accomplish. That they can handle your needs anywhere – so they should be the voice provider that you rely on…