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July 16, 2019

Conducting Surveys by Voice: Turning Something Mundane Into Fun!

For marketers, research remains one of the most important tools to determine which approach to use. And one of the best ways to conduct research is having customers – and potential customers – fill out surveys. But no one enjoys filling those out – in fact, we’ve become accustomed to being rewarded in some way in exchange for the hassle of doing so.

But what if filling out a survey wasn’t such a hassle? That’s the promise of “SurveyLine” from Voice Metrics. It’s akin to “SurveyMonkey” online – but filling out surveys by merely listening & talking seems far easier than reading & clicking. At least, right now – perhaps because it’s new. But probably because it really is far easier. So it has a lot of promise.

The beauty is right now it’s free. And it’s a ton of fun to create short surveys to impress your family, co-workers & friends. You don’t have to be doing research to use it. Anyone can for any reason. So I’ve created a few fun ones in addition to using it for my day job. To try one say: “Alexa, open SurveyLine.” Then when prompted, just say “Flintstones” and enjoy…

Two things to note if you create a voice survey:

1. I’m not sure how voice surveys would fare for complex questions & answers. Those might be easier to tackle in writing – particularly for those of us who are older and have a hard time remembering past the last few seconds

2. If you create a multiple-choice quiz, warn folks in your promos that they should answer using the number of their answer (not the phrase of their choices). Otherwise, they will get an error…