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March 6, 2019

Cool Stuff! “Drivetime” for When You’re Commuting

I dig it, man! I don’t think of myself as someone that likes trivia games – nor do I commute since I work at home. But after playing “Drivetime” just once, I was hooked. Same with my wife. It’s a mobile app that you play while you drive (and you can also play when not driving if you’re so inclined).

Here’s five things to know:

1. Feels like a traditional “morning commute” radio show. Drivetime uses professional voice actors (with personality & humor) as their hosts, akin to radio show hosts. The Drivetime hosts – always two at a time as they verbally jab back & forth – provide interesting facts & color commentary as they deliver the trivia questions.

2. So here’s the twist on the traditional show format: you’re a participant (ie. interacting) in the show because you’re answering trivia questions that the hosts throw out.

3. You answer questions by talking to your phone (which can be resting on the seat next to you, etc.). Most questions are multiple-choice. But occasionally there are open-ended ones. You earn points along the way depending on how well you answer the questions (values increase as the questions become harder).

4. Each time you play Drivetime, you compete against someone else (actually, three other commuters because there are three segments on the show; you compete against a new person during each segment).  Either the app chooses another commuter for you (“good luck next time, Jared”) – or you can adjust your settings to go head-to-head against your friends that also have downloaded the app. You’re told how you’re progressing in the competition as you go.

Love the British dude who indicates whether you’re winning, losing or in a tie. He’s a synthetic voice known as “Miles.”

5. The bottom line – the experience is a combination of entertainment & a game. Next level stuff.

Studies show that if you’re engaged mentally while driving, there’s less risk of being in an accident (if you’re doing so in a “hands-free” manner). So Drivetime arguably makes your drive safer. Learn more in this Voicebot podcast with Drivetime’s CEO Niko Vuori…