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February 24, 2021

COVID-19 Voice Test Achieves More than 80% Accuracy!

It’s wild. Just by talking to a smartphone or computer – counting up from 50 to 70 – you can be diagnosed with reasonable certainty as to whether you have Covid! Wild!

Here’s the excerpt from this voicebot.ai article:

The voice test for COVID-19 developed by Vocalis Health will accurately determine infection 81.2% of the time, according to the results of a major clinical study conducted by the Israeli startup in India last year. The test, named VocalisCheck, is being pitched as a way to augment the existing tests, saving the more traditional chemical tests for those who are at higher risk of infection.

The Vocalis diagnostic test, which runs on a smartphone or computer, asks the user to count from 50 to 70. The audio is translated into a visual representation of their voice, a spectrogram, made up of 512 features vocal biomarkers. Vocalis applies artificial intelligence to compare the spectrogram to a composite image from the voice of many people proven to have COVID-19. Vocalis has been gathering public voice samples since April and started coordinating with the Israeli Ministry of Defense to get spectrograms of those who definitely had been infected.