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April 23, 2019

Do You Really Need a “Voice Profile”?

When you initially set up a new voice assistant, you have the opportunity to set up a “voice profile.” I remember when speech recognition was first available publicly, you had to spend 3-6 months with the program to get it to learn your voice (see this article). That was years ago.

Not true anymore. Now it just takes Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Voice Assistant just a few minutes (here’s Amazon’s instructions). And if you will be sharing your assistant, you can teach it to learn the voices of others by having them sent up a voice profile too. [This functionality was created by Amazon a few years back, as noted in this article.]

But what if someone comes along and uses your assistant without creating a voice profile? My experience is that the device will likely work just fine. Speech recognition is so advanced these days that it can be successfully used without training it to recognize your voice. Pretty amazing. Of course, if accents vary – setting up a new voice profile may be necessary. But even different genders hasn’t seemed to through my devices off…