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February 12, 2020

Food Network’s Push Into Voice

In this podcast, Voicebot.ai’s Bret Kinsella talks with Tim McElreath from Discovery and Food Network (at the 25-minute mark about the “deapplication” of Alexa Skills and voice assistants). Tim describes how the Food Network has multiple channels of content – which are all interconnected – and how that poses a challenge for his company using voice. He notes he’s in discussions with Amazon about how to unpack all of this. Right now, the arrangement they have with Amazon is a hybrid of the traditional voice model – for example, they offer live cooking classes and a customer can use an Alexa Show to see the schedule of classes visually.

Tim explains his prediction of “deapplication” so that brands may keep their first-party position and also orchestrate what they do. Tim notes that “deapplication” applies mainly to those that have a mix of content types like his company does (ie. different mediums and platforms). But skills themselves are still valuable as are self-contained solutions. This may sound a little confusing…it is…