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May 2, 2019

How China’s Culture Bodes Well for Their AI Initiatives

At this week’s “SpeechTEK Conference,” RAIN’s Will Hall gave a fabulous presentation about how China is embracing artificial intelligence – and how their culture is more accepting of the societal changes that will emerge. As noted in this article, since mid-2017, China has set ambitious goals to leapfrog the US as the global leader in AI by 2030. In China, people are optimistic about how AI will improve their lives. In the US, we tend to be skeptical – and the media pushes fearmongering on this topic.

This 14-minute video provides the gist of Will’s talk. It describes the “go heavy” model of China’s entrepreneurship – which ties into Will’s #1 rule of thumb: “To win in voice, you have to think in systems.” Definitely check out the video – it’s entertaining & enlightening…