A layperson’s exploration of all things voice

May 15, 2019

How Different Industries Are Building Skills

Loved this interview by Bret Kinsella of “voicebot.ai” with Magic & Co’s CEO Ben Fisher. Ben really knows his stuff and since Magic & Co is a voice agency, he gets front-line exposure to a lot of the latest developments.

Here’s a few interesting things that I learned from Ben & Bret during the podcast:

1. Magic & Co. does work for clients besides voice work. The range of the client types is quite broad – from large traditional brands like Chobani & Bic, to famous musical artists, to utilities & hospitals. The way that they have initially used voice differs. For musical artists, some fans want to learn personal stuff – gain access to the “behind-the-scenes” action. In comparison, the opportunity for more staid entities like utilities can perhaps leverage voice to “gamify” cost-savings as communication between utilities & customers grows from the bare minimum that we have now to something more significant.

2. Marketers tend to view voice like they view traditional marketing – running campaigns. But campaigns aren’t cost-effective with voice because they are short-lived. With voice, there should be a shift towards long-term loyalty offerings. Brands should be investing in voice as a channel for the long-term.

3. Ben believes that “wearable” devices will take market share from mobile phones and voice assistants in the long run. And he hopes that one day it will be like “Star Trek” where you can just speak and activate an interaction without having to worry about where that device is at all.

4. The discussion at the 19:00 mark about how the “lean in” experience compares to the “lean back” one is fascinating. You should really listen to it yourself. For example, Ben posits some fascinating possibilities – “interacting” with the news rather than sitting on the sofa merely watching it. I agree the day for that opportunity is coming soon – there are a few major tech companies right now trying to crack the code to improve video streaming to the point where much more interaction with the audience will be feasible. So it’s not just voice that will enable this, it seems like it will be video too…