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March 27, 2019

Nearly Half of Millennials Use Voice Assistants While Shopping

If your target market includes millennials, voice is a “must” channel for you to consider. Here’s the intro from this “voicebot.ai” article by Bret Kinsella:

CouponFollow’s Millennial Shopping Report 2019 says that 45% of millennials use voice assistants while shopping. The survey of 1,002 millennials in the U.S. ages 22-37 was conducted in January 2019. This doesn’t say that 45% of millennials are using voice assistant for all of their shopping needs or that they are consummating the purchase by voice. However, it is another indicator that voice can be a useful aid in the shopping process such as searching for products or accessing product reviews. This expanded view of voice shopping versus voice commerce was first introduced in Voicebot’s 2018 Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report.