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April 11, 2019

Radio Reinvented: How NPR Views Voice

This video captures a 40-minute presentation by Ha-Hoa Hamano – Senior Product Manager, Voice Platforms of NPR – at the recent “Lingo Fest” conference. It was interesting to hear Ha-Hoa explain how NPR develops new voice experiences by following this 4-step process:

1. Workshopping – setting goals, gathering assumptions & generating hypotheses
2. Affinity mapping
3. Rapid prototyping
4. Prioritization at every step

Not only is NPR developing 5-minute flash briefings – one for each rush hour – it’s leveraging other ways to use voice. NPR recognizes the reinvention of radio includes on-demand audio (eg. podcasts); curated content and near-live experiences. It also recognizes that the voice experience is ubiquitous. It’s worth watching the video to understand how proper analysis is important when deciding how to best use voice.

Here’s a webpage where NPR explains all the different ways you can hear NPR content on voice platforms…