A layperson’s exploration of all things voice

September 17, 2019

Research How Your Customers Are Discussing You

Since voice requires you to anticipate what will be asked by your customers when building a skill, what better way to figure that out than simply researching what customers have already been asking?

So as part of this research, ask those in your company in the front lines what customers ask. If you have people dedicated to customer service, their knowledge is invaluable for this exercise.

Better yet is if the company keeps records of their customer interactions – that can be an invaluable trove of data. But don’t solely rely on that. You want to talk to your customer service reps to understand their firsthand experiences. You need to learn the ways in which particular questions are asked – so you can anticipate all the different types of utterances that may be expressed – in addition to the types of questions asked.

Another valuable source of information about what customers are asking is looking at social media. Social media has become a preferred way for some people to seek customer service help. Look at the comments on Facebook and blog posts. Review your Twitter feed.

And of course, people email questions too. Or use chatbots. Review what is asked through those channels too.