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June 12, 2019

Storytelling: Combining Voice With Reading a Real Book!

What if you could combine storytelling in a real book with the benefits that voice offers? That’s starting to happen. For example, check out the intro from this article:

Melissa and Matt Hammersley got the idea for Novel Effect when they were expecting their first child, Eleanor. They wanted to create something that would help them bond as a family and use technology to bring a little more magic into her life. A light bulb went off at their baby shower, when a friend did a theatrical reading of a book that would soon become Eleanor’s. What if technology could simulate that experience and turn story time into an almost cinematic experience?

They brought on a team of experts and began building Novel Effect, which uses voice recognition technology to follow along when someone reads a book out loud, adding music, sound effects, and other features.

More recently, the NY Times has started providing invocations embedded in articles with so that you can learn more about the article’s topic through your voice assistant.