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August 27, 2019

The “Echo Look”: Helping You Dress Since ’17

Sometimes you see something new-fangled & you pause and say “what?” That’s how I felt about Amazon’s “Echo Look.” To be fair, I read about it before I saw one in action. And I’m a typical guy who doesn’t care how he dresses much (a lot of t-shirts). But after seeing this video showing how it works, it piqued my interest.

The “Echo Look” will take pictures (or a short video) of you trying on an outfit using a voice-activated camera (“Alexa, how do I look?”). It will brighten the pic & blur the background so the picture looks good. You can then perform a “Style Check,” which uses machine learning comparing two of your outfits (based on the pictures you just took) against current style trends & what flatters you.

The device also can create a “Personal Look Book” to help you keep track of your favorite outfits. Crazy for a guy like me to do so, but I had to get one. Well almost. I read the reviews and you can’t crop the photos nor do the photos get saved to your phone’s “photo gallery” automatically. But I was tempted because comments said they took very nice selfies. I’m the self-proclaimed “Selfie King.”

And I don’t care about fashion advice – but if I did, it sounds like that feature doesn’t work that well if you believe this comment:

Let me put it this way. When you are buying a high-end product with some huge AWS AI neural network behind it you expect it to be something more than a selfie-taker! I want conversations like:

– Alexa, how am I looking?
– I think that black skirt you were wearing last Sunday would match this top better

– Alexa, am I underdressed for a friends wedding?
– I think high heels would suit better than flip-flops for this occasion.

I want it to have some sort of intelligence, not just randomly assigned percentage score for each look.