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January 28, 2020

The Rise of “Intentless” Voice Apps

In this podcast, Voicebot.ai’s Bret Kinsella talks with Voiceflow’s Braden Ream and his theory about the rise of “intentless” voice apps. Here are some of the points made:

– Discoverability remains the big obstacle to voice commerce exploding. Not likely to be solved this year.

– There are two ways to discover: explicit thru skill directory or implicit through a type of audio search, which means that the creator of that content will some of the value (eg. the audience might not even know who created that voice content).

– When approving skills for its directory, Amazon does more of a functional than real quality control assessment. [My own experience bears that out.]

– There’s a small group that are making a living by creating skills for Amazon’s directory. The number of people doing is low, below Amazon’s expectations.

– At a high level, it can be said that Amazon’s current voice strategy is building an ecosystem; whereas Google’s strategy is screens.

– Siri shortcuts is underrated in some ways but few people are using it. It’s real AI as it provides recommendations.