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March 26, 2019

The Wondrous Noelle LaCharite: 5 Things

I’m too new to this field to have a favorite speaker – but I do: Noelle LaCharite (a “Developer Evangelist” for Microsoft, as well as a “jack-of-all-trades with all sorts of side-gigs/hobbies). I heard Noelle in person a few months ago – then met her briefly afterwards. She was as interesting & passionate then as she is in this 45-minute interview from the recent “Lingo Fest” conference.

Here’s five things to know from the interview:

1. Looking ahead a decade, if your company isn’t getting involved in artificial intelligence or machine learning in some way – it has a good shot at becoming obsolete. For starters, your company needs to enable voice search now.

2. Being a good leader includes the ability to change your mindset over time as circumstances change. You can keep the “spirit” of a company alive, but you otherwise have to evolve. Good leaders also espouse “people over product” (meaning treating your employees the right way) – and sometimes taking a step back to get your product right, even if it means performance suffers in the short-term. She is passionate about “mindful leadership.”

3. When she worked at Amazon, she built a number of skills – including “1-Minute Mindfulness.” Even though the short period of a single minute seems to cut against what mindfulness represents, she finds that people often want to spend less than one minute doing something on voice. She also built skills for: Daily Affirmation; Daily Kindness; Christmas Kindness; Positive Prayer and Daily Inspiration.

4. As you tell from the skills that she’s built, Noelle is big into kindness. In the beginning of the interview, she talks about her programs related to “kiddie kindness,” “corporate kindness” and “couples kindness.” She has a habit of gratitude.

5. In her own life, Noelle meditates first thing in the morning – for at least one minute if she is pressed for time. And then she meditates briefly at work before going to a meeting.

Noelle also talks about “what is artificial intelligence?” – and how it won’t take our jobs away. Instead, it will get rid of the part of the jobs that we like the least. And she also talks “Open Data Initiative” and how allowing the world to use your data is a good thing. The mindset of “our data is our business’ livelihood & must be protected at all costs” is obsolete. Your data can help solve the world’s problems…