A layperson’s exploration of all things voice

February 26, 2020

Using Voice to Improve Employee Productivity

This Voicebot.ai podcast provides ten short interviews from the CES conference. At the 44:18 mark, Bret talks to Rain’s Nithya Thadani who discusses how voice is changing not just consumer behaviors, but employer-employee relationships. Among Nithya’s comments were these:

– Voice can be used for training & other ways to improve worker efficiencies.
– Bret talked about the consumerization of IT
– Enterprise is growing as companies continue to look at removing inefficiencies. Nithya talked about observing employees who have developed “hacks” – unexpected odd behaviors – in an effort to get around obstacles. And how these hacks can be rendered unnecessary to improve worker effectiveness.
– Interestingly, it seems like Rain has a few clients in the mindfulness industry – including HeadSpace which is looking a voice that knows that you’re on the move and recommends listening to a walking mediation talk.