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May 9, 2019

Voice-Enabled Ads Are Here, Starting With Commuters…

As RAIN’s Eric Turkington writes in “Voicebot” last week, despite Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant offering no formal advertising opportunities, the first companies have developed voice-enabled ads – ones that particularly focus on those that commute. Here’s an excerpt:

All of these content opportunities beg the question of business model. Thus far, voice platforms have been loathe to allow advertising into the user experience for fear of alienating users as they acclimate to the new medium. Given the trends in streaming media today across music and video, it’s a good bet that freemium content models will come into the car, but there are also innovations in interactive audio advertising that could make ad-supported models more attractive. Instreamatic.ai is at the forefront of this movement, enabling content providers like Pandora to offer ads that users can talk to and which then drive them down the funnel. Early data indicates high levels of memorability and conversion compared to non-interactive audio ads.

Also see this TechCrunch piece about how Spotify is doing limited tests of voice-enabled ads…