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November 6, 2019

Want to Limit Your Screen Time? Look to Voice

Way back when our kids were young, we had a policy of limiting our kids to a half hour of screen time per day. That probably wouldn’t be doable in this era – but back then, most kids didn’t get a mobile phone until they were in high school. Now, nearly all of us could use some kind of hard cap on our screen time.

Enter “Voice.” This article links to an interview with Daniel Rausch who helps run Amazon’s Smart Home unit – here’s an excerpt from the article:

The comments come off the back of the launch of a number of new devices from the company that allow people to stay even more connected to Alexa not only in the home, but when out and about. The company recently launched Echo Buds, a pair of wireless in-ear headphones to compete against the Apple AirPods amongst others, as well as a pair of connected glasses and even a smart ring you can wear on your finger. “You might be wearing the Echo Buds, or one of our Day One Edition frames and these keep you fundamentally connected to the world around you using AI,” adds Rausch.

The reason for the upbeat attitude even those Amazon’s previous efforts to take on the phone industry dramatically failed back in 2014? Because Rausch believes by using our phones, we become disconnected, not more connected with the world around us. “I don’t know about you, but I fundamentally disconnect from the world around me when I pull out my phone. I love my phone, I accomplish lots of things with my phone, but it also disconnects me. The more we [Amazon] can offer through that ambient interface that is with you on the go, the better off our customers will be.”

The key message from Rausch it seems, is that Amazon wants to be part of every element of your world, but not your whole world.