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April 10, 2019

Helping Doctors Record Their Notes

As noted in this Wired article – entitled “Does Your Doctor Need a Voice Assistant?” – voice assistants can help doctors dramatically cut down the amount of time they spend writing notes about their appointments. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s a problem that started when doctors switched from handwritten records to electronic ones. Health care organizations have tried more manual fixes—human scribes either in the exam room or outsourced to Asia and dictation tools that can only convert text verbatim. But these new assistants—you’ll meet Suki in a sec—go one step further. Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms, all a doc has to do is ask them to listen. From there they’ll parse the conversation, structure it into medical and billing lingo, and insert it cleanly into an EHR.

Since this is a big market, there are a number of providers specifically targeting this market. Some of the companies doing that are: Sopris Health, Suki, Luminant Software and this list of more companies