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February 10, 2020

Voice Makes a “Super Bowl” Splash

I’m old enough to be permanently burned out about anything related to the Super Bowl. But I did watch it this year – and I saw how voice was featured in more than one ad. Here’s a summary from the “Rain” agency:

Two days out from the Super Bowl, we are at a good distance to analyze voice’s presence during marketing’s biggest night. In our 2020 predictions piece, our first prognostication was that voice would play a large role in cultural moments starting with the Super Bowl. Reviewing the slate of multi-million dollar ads, we see Amazon wanting Alexa to be seen as an everyday utility, Google tugging on heartstrings by highlighting its Assistant “remember” feature (both ads can be seen here), Snickers poking fun at smart speakers’ perceived contribution to the surveillance state and Coca-Cola using voice as a sampling channel for new products.

Although we have yet to see voice-specific CTAs or real-time giveaways take center stage at the Super Bowl, the presence of voice assistants during the big game’s commercials show how ingrained in culture they have become.